The Magicians Secret 

Re: Suicide

By Therese P


A flip of a coin

The slyness of hands

Would you like to see my magic trick?


A magician I am,

But not like you think

I fool those around me

To see their ideal reality


Reflected on me

Go ahead and project

Because I can handle it

With my little games


Close doors behind me

With only god as my witness

What a terrible thing

Because to me he doesn’t speak

So I keep myself accountable


Now Act one will begin

With a sword and a skin

Turning water into wine

Or rather tears into blood


Act two follows closely

With some a feast fit for twenty

Now watch as it all disappears


Don’t blink to fast

Because I will make it reappear

Prepared with gallons of water

Ill force it back up


Now for my final act

You must suspect my last tricks

It won’t be pulling any rabbits out of my hat

But watch carefully for the signs i show


Long sleeves i wear

With white turning red

And my face turning dead

With bags under my eyes

My final trick is to make me disappear


I’ll take a bow

So far down

That I’ll fall and fall

Perhaps I’ll be the bunny in my hat

Or Alice down the rabbit hole


I must thank you for watching this magic show

Or rather not because it was only me

That saw what I see

But I couldn’t really expect you to know

Cause a magician never shows his hands


But my final act is for me

And now i free

Broken and bloody

(And happy to be dead)


-project on me you ideologies


About The RE Series:

I decided to start a collection of poems (The RE series) to write about issues that people would rather turn a blind eye to. Topics that make people feel a bit squirmy when brought up. Why? Because I think these are the things we need to talk about more, people facing these issues need to feel like they can talk to someone about it. Drawing on my own experiences and insight I hope this can be a collection that can open peoples eyes about these taboo topics.