Stitching with scissors

Re: Self Harm 

By Therese P.


To jump through the eye of a needle

Takes a precision you haven’t yet acquired

Turning sideways; to disappear

Silent screams, that no one can hear


To start at the end is the hardest

When nights and dreams have left you restless


The pain is a lot for one to bear

And sometimes it feels like no one really cares

(Even if that isn’t true)


Because you’re trying to fix yourself

By dissecting every flaw

In hopes of to become nothing

In hopes to become thin


The heart just weighs you down

But without, there’s a permanent frown

Though your roots grow a tree

There is no ground to be seen



Free falling isn’t fun

When all you are trying to do

Is calculate the mass you are

If x is the speed you are traveling at


Don’t you know the pavement isn’t soft

when crashing breaks the plate

And opens the scars

That you used scissors to stitch


Oh, darling you are not Alice

And this is no place to grow ten feet tall

So take the bottle and pick up the scissors

And shrink


-Size zero small


About The Re Series:

I decided to start a collection of poems (The RE series) to write about issues that people would rather turn a blind eye to. Topics that make people feel a bit squirmy when brought up. Why? Because I think these are the things we need to talk about more, people facing these issues need to feel like they can talk to someone about it. Drawing on my own experiences and insight I hope this can be a collection that can open peoples eyes about these taboo topics.