Fruits and Veges Are Only Healthy If You Avoid This and That
Re: fear foods


Today I cried on the walk to school
Eating a watermelon slice
I had not weighed
Everybody knows
That watermelons
Are the unhealthiest
Fruits there are
Everybody knows
Later In class I sat down to plan my dinner
A stir fry of veggies and dip
I was about write down carrots
When I slapped the pen down
A mistake almost permanent
Just barely missed
Everybody knows
Carrots are the most unhealthiest veggies there are
Losing all nutritional value when steamed
That you might as well take a fist full of chopped walnuts
And shove it right into your thighs
And on the topic of nuts
How could you eat such a caloric dense food
When calories should be spent on something
That is less
Everybody knows
That calories are the exceptions to the rule of
Quality over quantity
That you should always try and make every meal
As big as possible
with the least amount of calories
something so utterly obvious
Everybody knows that
Walking home today a bunny passed me by
as my tired legs robot-icily clicked and clacked
to the beat of my tired heart
and it made me think that
-[No one knows]

About The Re Series:

I decided to start a collection of poems (The RE series) to write about issues that people would rather turn a blind eye to. Topics that make people feel a bit squirmy when brought up. Why? Because I think these are the things we need to talk about more, people facing these issues need to feel like they can talk to someone about it. Drawing on my own experiences and insight I hope this can be a collection that can open peoples eyes about these taboo topics.