Her Yellow Glasses


I went to go see an optometrist today. He said that my sunny side disposition would not hold up in this cruel world. He wore yellow framed glasses. He told me to choose between the different shapes but to only try on the yellow framed glasses. They were so pretty, I didn’t even think twice before grabbing the first ones I saw. I am so lucky to be able to fix this problem of sunnysideness, whatever that is supposed to mean.

I am five.


My glasses are suiting me quite well, I now can feel a range of emotions I never could before, all because of this new glass I put over my eye. Great big achievements seemed to minimized while small problems are enlarged, this is how things are suppose to be i think. I am glad i see the truth.

I am eight.


I tried to take my glasses off today. They wouldn’t come off. I cried, I can’t see anything good anymore, My glasses show me only the bad, perhaps there is only this bad in this world.

I am thirteen.


Today I went to see a new optometrist, she told me that my glasses were the wrong prescription. That my view had become too one sided and I had now development worse case scenario disposition. She snapped my glasses in half. My vision feels blurry And I feel dizzy. I feel naked without my glasses. She told me not to worry and she and time will help me with that.

Here’s hoping I can learn to trust her…